Our Story

"Magnolia Mae is an old-time string-and percussion-band from Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Southern musical ensemble started in 2013 with influences ranging from folk, classical, bluegrass, gospel and the sound of old school New Orleans.

And nothing gets the group of history buffs picking like songs that tell stories.

'We try to convey a large range of emotions,' said vocalist Melissa Garcia. 'Depending on the story being told, some of our songs are very upbeat and fun whilst others can be dark and somber.'

Besides telling stories through music, Magnolia Mae is passionate about family, fun and being transparent to their audience.

Garcia says Magnolia Mae is an open book. 'Anything we’re working on we’re eager to share with our friends.'

Garcia and bandmates John Falco Garcia (vocals/guitar/banjo/percussion), Brandon McComic (Upright Bass), Angelique Hodge (Vocals/Fiddle/Mandolin), Trey Hodge (Guitar), and Wes Hamilton (Fiddle/Vocals/Mandolin) feel their biggest accomplishments have been the friends they’ve made and the people who have accepted and supported Magnolia Mae as family.

Magnolia Mae is all about timeless music and preserving their traditional sound."      

~ Bio by Tori Ladd, The Shreveport Times